Wargames convention 2010

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Wargames convention 2010

Post by Mal wright » Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:29 pm

Hey! For all those who grumble about the food and accommodation, nothing for the family etc I'm setting up a convention that deals with all that.

It would be great if some visitors could put on game too. The floor plan is not yet done and wont be for a couple of months, so there is plenty of time to submit ideas.



Saturday 3rd and Sunday the 4th of April 2010

Finally a family friendly wargames convention and with good food and wine!

People have been saying there needs to be a convention in Australia that has good food, a pleasant venue and plenty for the family to do. So I am pleased to announce that there will be one in the magnificent Fleurieu Peninsular wine and tourist region at McLaren Vale in South Australia.

This will be a special event that takes into account that the people interested in our hobby often have to balance family matters and their gaming. Situated just south of Adelaide in a prime tourist region the weekend offers not only a wargames convention, but also lots and lots of things for the whole family to do.

What a great way for the whole family to relax over Easter!

By having it in the two middle days of the Easter Weekend it leaves one day either side for travel or exploring the region. During the event it will be possible for family not taking part to catch tourist buses, or drive themselves to the magnificent beaches, animal conservation centre, walking trails, historic sites, Victor Harbour, Granite Island, wineries, weekend markets etc. An easy drive will allow visitors from other states to tour the city of Adelaide itself. Alternatively public buses run from the area to the city and trains.

Accommodation in the area should cover all budgets. There are caravan parks, cabins, Motels, hotels and tourist resorts. Special deals are being negotiated and information will be available later. Accommodation can be among the beautiful rolling grapevines or at the many beach side towns, all of which are connect to the venue by good roads. There are wonderful places to dine in the region and again range from the very best, to those suited for a budget.

Trade stalls at the event. We already have some of the best, but will be working on this during coming weeks, including some companies outside Australia. We want to make this the ultimate convention experience and one that the whole family will love.

Food will be catered by the McLaren Vale Bocce club. So far there is promise of lovely pasta and barbecue food, salads and cakes. Something for everyone and not your usual sausage sizzle in sight!

Events are intended to cover all aspects of the wargames hobby. Clubs and individuals are already being invited to put on wargames at the event, along with plenty of prizes and trophies.



There will be also provision for participation by Fantasy and Non-Historical groups

A special Yahoo web site will shortly be set up. The file area and the site itself will be used to provide information on accommodation, tourist sites, and games to be played. Questions will be able to be answered and help given for those that need assistance.

http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=en&so ... 9&t=h&z=10

http://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=Cequ ... id%3Dg1119

For those wanting to peek at the beautiful region in which the event will be held, please use your search clicked on Australia, and enter South Australian Southern Vales region, or McLaren vale wine region.


If you are planning a visit to Australia why not make it to coincide with this special event?

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact the following.

Mal Wright

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