AAR - ACW Skirmish - Sixty-One Sixty-Five Rules

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AAR - ACW Skirmish - Sixty-One Sixty-Five Rules

Post by Captain Darling » Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:04 am

Time for some ACW Skirmish action so Dave and I hit the gaming table with the Sixty-One Sixty-Five rules! It was our first use of them but we've played games from the Song of... series so we were up to speed with these in no time!We played Scenario One from the Rules.

A smaller Confederate force with some 'experienced' troops and in a good defensive position faced up to a larger Yankee detachment. The Rebels drew the short straw early in the game with their activation's so only just made it to the valuable fence line before their Yankees foes. A fierce shoot out ensured and the Federals were getting the worst of it until a section on their extreme right got around the flank of the Rebels. As they emerged from the woods the Yanks also launched assaults all along the Rebel front! The southerners gave way...

At this point we had to call it a night so we called the game a draw. It was a very enjoyable game! I'm yet to be disappointed by any of these song of... series rule sets. We shall be revisiting the rules again soon!

Confederate infantry defending a fence line in a skirmish while foraging near the Potomac June 1861...

The Yankee view of the first shots...they are deploying into lines and with skirmishers...

Then came the crucial moment the Yankee section plodding through the woods emerged taking the Confederates in the flank just as several sections charged their front! The Rebels were pushed back...

There is a full AAR with more pictures on the TSOG blog here...
http://toysoldiersforoldgits.blogspot.c ... -five.html

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