Little Wars Melbourne 2016 - Feedback, Pictures?

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Little Wars Melbourne 2016 - Feedback, Pictures?

Post by Captain Darling » Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:41 am

Anyone go to Little Wars Melbourne last weekend?

Please give us your thoughts on it and post up some pictures...
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Re: Little Wars Melbourne 2016 - Feedback, Pictures?

Post by evadestruction » Tue Jun 07, 2016 10:29 am

yes indeed

Having moved to Melbourne recently from Sydney I was able to attend Little Wars.

As I had hired a sales table I didn't get a lot of time to view games though i did walk around all of them.

Good venue, good attendance for a one day event [around 300 I have heard] enough to make pleasant day without overcrowding. Venue is a Town Hall and does have undercover parking for traders and game organisers.

Physically About the room size of Leviathan and Moab in Sydney without the extra people from competition games. Perhaps more room in one hall than those but evening out with the others with extra rooms. Bring and buy about the size of Leviathan but no where near the size of mighty Moab Buy and sell. Having moved interstate I am missing both Moab and Leviathan which I have enjoyed so much over the years so this was a pleasant introduction to Melbourne gaming shows.

Day is set up as a participation game day and Trader day. Well run by Nick and Mike and others [many from Peninsula Praetoreans who I have joined and game with regularly on a friday].

I enjoyed it and caught up with a few Sydney and canberra people some who have moved to melbourne or who had been visiting relos or another seller In know so was good surprise to catch up with them.

Overal enjoyable & fun day....I will be there next year.

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