Battle of Milne Bay part 2. August 1942.

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Battle of Milne Bay part 2. August 1942.

Post by zod56 » Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:46 pm

Our third game for the year was part 2 of the Milne Bay series. This game portrays the 3rd day of the battle when the Japanese Marine battalions (5th and 6th Marine Special Naval Landing detachments) attack airfield 3 held by 61st CMF Battalion, the 25th CMF Battalion and the 1st company 43rd Battalion US Army.
The 2 Japanese HaGo Tanks were included in the game.
The attachment Miline Bay 2 Terrian.JPG is no longer available
The Australian deployed south of the airfield with the Japanese 2nd Marine Battalion to the north. The 1st Battalion Japanese Marines, were to arrive down the road at the end of turn 2's last movement.
the Game.
Turns 1 to 5. The Japanese (under my expert Command) made a be line for the 61st CMF. (For the Japs to win they had to by turn 15 have 1 tank, or 1 full company (36 figures) past the river at the end of the Allied deployment area.
The attachment Vol2 022.jpg is no longer available
The Pic shows the situation at the end of turn 6.

By turn 10, victory was in sight, through 1 Tank had been knocked out, The 2nd Battalion went "Banzai" and swamped 2 companies of the 61st. However the 61st survived a Battalion check (if 2 companies fail a moral test, the unit must take a Battalion test), On the left, the 5th Battalion (Imperial Marines) had been stopped by a brave resistance by the 25th CMF. 2 companies had gone "Banzai, and through destroying 1 and a half companies of the enemy, were themselves wiped out(Frankly the ONLY way to stop The Japanese in Banzai).
Vol2 022.jpg
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By turn 13 the whole Japanese advance has come to a bloody halt! The Allied forces had suffered heavily, but out of a force of 120 figures, the Japanese had lost 90 figures including 1 tank. Through it was a Japanese Tactical victory according to the format, in reality, the expected Australian counter-attack (there was in reality 2 full strength Australian AIF Battalions arriving at the end of turn 15 would have overwhelmed them..

Oh, you may ask about the second Tank. Well on turn 1 it had to roll to see if it got did, it then moved across the airfield, and got bogged again!

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