WarTime Miniatures 20mm WWII Releases now available

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WarTime Miniatures 20mm WWII Releases now available

Post by Admin Fella » Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:06 pm

Just finished updating the web store with the latest 20mm WWII releases mentioned a few weeks back.

All now available and Pics of everything can be seen at:



VS01: 4 figures with mixed rifles and helmets including German WWI and Adrian.
VS03: 4 figures with mixed SMG's including MP3008 and Panzerfaust.
VS04: MG30 Team
VS05: MG08 Team. 3 figures, mixed helmets and 1 Panzerfaust.

Early Germans:

GW07: Solothurn ATR Team


DAK11: 6 Figure Artillery Crew. While these figures are listed in DAK they are very generic would be suitable for most campaigns.

Late War British

LWB06: 4 figure support weapon pack consisting of a 2 inch Mortar Team and PIAT Team.
LWB13: 4 figure engineer pack.
LWB17: 17 Pounder ATG Crew
LWB18: 3 Figure Medic/Casualty set
LWB19: 3 seated drivers/passengers.

These along with the Late War US Army and German FJ make for an extensive range of releases in the last couple of months.


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