Update from WarTime Miniatures - 20mm

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Update from WarTime Miniatures - 20mm

Post by Admin Fella » Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:12 pm

Hello Everyone

It has been a while since I have posted an update so now I have a few to do over the coming days. I will start with 20mm.

I have just finished adding Frontline Wargaming's range of 20mm vehicles to the site. Simple, wargaming quality resin vehicles with great variety and coverage not available through other makes. I have started with their great range of trucks and tractors including Polish, Japanese, French and Civilian vehicles.

Quite few italeri 1/72 kits both WWII and modern have now been added and updated. Added to S-Models and Pegasus there is a great selection of kits across multiple gaming periods.

For all these ranges you do save at least 10% off RRP.

For WarTimes own 20mm ranges I have just sent a fresh batch of Mid/Late WWII British including a 17 pdr crew, 2 inch mortar team and a new Vickers MMG Team for moulding. This latest set should round out the British range nicely and will be available in the next week or so. This will pretty much finish the mid/late WWII British range which will be one of the most comprehensive around. I will be doing a couple of pack rejig's, mainly having a dedicated Engineers pack and merging the PIAT Team with the 2 inch Mortar Team.

The "Fall Of Prussia" German Volkssturm range has also just been finished and is on the way to me. This will be around 5 packs each of 4 figures. Here is a picture of the MG08 Team:


I will be working on more Italians and other misc packs over the next week or so, which will ensure a steady stream of releases in the near future.

All the latest additions are now up on the site:



P.S: I have also just placed my first order of Elhiem 20mm Cold War figures and hope to have them in stock shortly.

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