WarTime Miniatures at MOAB 2014 and a couple of specials

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WarTime Miniatures at MOAB 2014 and a couple of specials

Post by Admin Fella » Thu Sep 18, 2014 1:18 pm

Hello All

With MOAB in Sydney coming up I am offering a couple of specials that will be at MOAB and I am now making available to everyone.

Just order and pay normally and any discount will be refunded to you.

Show pre orders are available so you can can reserve your requests. Just select as normal. Pre payment is not required, but is helpfull and I can refund any discounts/postage back to you.

Special 1: Buy any 3 single sprues from the 20mm or 28mm ranges and receive 10% off the total for those 3 sprues. Let me know if there is a vehicle you want, but is not listed and I will probably have it.

Special 2: All remaining AGN 28mm vehicles are at the price you would pay direct from AGN. So a $30USD vehicle will be $30AUD.

I now have all 7 packs of the upcoming 28mm Australians on the website including 2 platoon pack options. these platoon packs will save you just over 10%.

I will have a full offering of WarTime Miniatures 20mm WWII, Vietnam and Moderns along with a selection of Britannia WWII and Modern vehicles and WWII guns. There is also Battlefield/Blitz 20mm French, BEF, Early and late Germans and British Para.

And quite a bit more.....................

So take a look at all the latest offerings:



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