Forum Rules (Please Read)

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Forum Rules (Please Read)

Post by Admin Fella » Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:32 pm

Quite simply treat this forum with a G-PG rating.

A. It is an open community forum for the enjoyment of everyone.

B. Trolling, making snide comments or continuing personal disputes on this forum is not welcome.

C. This forum is not a platform for you to advertise your own forum or other platform. This is unfortunate, but necessary due to abuse.

D. You may post links to other forums if it has direct relation to the topic being discussed.

E. This forum is about our hobbies, not the people behind them, keep to that.

F. Stay on topic! Or your posts will be deleted.

G. If site admin determines a post or series of comments to breach any of the above, your post will be deleted and you will be banned for a length of time determined by the site admin.

Any questions or issues, please let me know.