New Releases & Update from WarTime Miniatures

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New Releases & Update from WarTime Miniatures

Postby Admin Fella » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:56 pm

Hello All

Please find below the latest releases:

WTM-GW01: German Infantry Squad in Zeltbahn
WTM-AIF10: Australian Infantry Squad (suitable for North Africa and Pacific)


WTM-SOF03: Australian SF with Support Weapons 1
WTM-SOF04: Australian SF with Support Weapons 2


I hinted some time ago about a significant reshuffle on how the ranges will be available. This change is now very close.

From 1 July all core packs will be combined into "unit" packs of 10-12 figures based around Infantry Squads, Headquarters and Support Weapons. These pack configurations will allow you to buy complete units to suit the most popular rule systems such as BattleGroup and Rapid Fire.

As an example if playing BG you would simply buy 3 x Infantry Squads, 1 x HQ and 1 x Support weapons and that would give you all the basic elements for a game. Support weapons will primarily consist of a Medium Mortar and MG. The HQ will of course have a command element, but also other smaller support elements such as a medic and Panzershrek.

Below are some examples:

WTM-VS03: Volkssturm HQ (12 Figures)

WTM-FJ02: Late FJ Rifle Squad (10 Figures) (10 figures to allow for optional 2 x Panzerfaust)

WTM-FJ03: Late FJ HQ (10 Figures)

The current 4 figure pack arrangements for the figures covered here will no longer be available. However all "specialist" packs not covered in this reshuffle will still be available as normal.

This change is also to allow for blister packaging and presentation to make them more convenient for stores. An Australian distributor has already been identified and I will be looking for a US and UK/Europe representative (that should help cut the post charges).

That's about it for now. I have a pile of 20mm Italian masters to sort and prepare for moulding. :)


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