Longstreet Campaign - Game 1 AAR

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Longstreet Campaign - Game 1 AAR

Post by Captain Darling » Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:20 am

Hi All, so far this year I’ve played:

1 game Lasalle Napoleonics (no pics)
2 games Rapid fire WW 2 (no pics)
1 game A State of War ACW
Test played FUBAR VSF Martian Attack 6 times and now ready to go
1 Longstreet game (Campaign start)
1 FUBAR VSF Charge of the Light Brigade

And this is only the first one I‘ve put an AAR together for. I think I’ll have to pull my socks up!

Dave and I started a Longstreet campaign he is the Yankees and I’m the Rebs, that’s a first for me I’ve been the yanks in two previous campaigns so far. His commander received the artillery and abolitionist traits whilst mine got the personal physician and political savvy ones.

The random game selected was the walled farm and I lost the roll for ‘initiative’ and surprise surprise Dave selected to defend (big groan from me). Okay I outnumber the Blue Bellies 1:1 and have to assault a well defended position no problems I command men from the glorious south! Here’s how the 1861 game turn out:

Dave deployed along a line anchored behind a stone wall and kept his cavalry regiment back as reserves (arriving turn 6) and I refused my left and by lucky selection of terrain cards managed to fill the centre of the battlefield with woods restricting the Yanks artillery fire.

Situation Turn 3 The Rebs are on the left of picture advancing

My artillery managed to score several hits early on but not one converted to a kill once my regiments fanned out to assault the Yankees they limbered up and prepared to attack. Dave meanwhile limbered up his guns to deployed them to his left to face my attack. On turn 5 I launched a ‘Rebel Yell’ fuelled attack with three regiments against two of Daves! It was a blood bath for the men from the North even those behind the stone wall (with coincidently ‘the stone wall’ card) couldn’t resist my exceptional dice rolling one USA regiment lost four bases and retreated a base width and the other lost 5 bases and retreated 6 base widths!

Turn 5 'Rebel Yell' charge!


Flushed with success I pushed two regiments of infantry forward through the crops whilst the third drove the men in blue from the woods. My cavalry meanwhile covered the right flank. For a moment a chance of victory beckoned but Dave was quick to reform his line using his cavalry reinforcements that arrived in the nick of time, his battery also unlimbered and he swung his left flank regiment around and into action. The rapid Yankee redeployment put the game in the balance!

Turn 7 situation top right of the picture sees a full Yankee Regiment only just blocked from turning the Rebel flank by intrepid Southern Cavaliers...

With shades of Antietam hovering over the table top the Rebs charged from the crops at the reformed Yankee line albeit with less success than earlier and then was caught at the edge of the fields where many men were scythed down by a hail of fire from the Yankees, Dave successfully completed a victory roll on turn 11 and it was all over my grey clad boys fled southward from whence they came!

End of Game positions...


First blood to the North! It was a good fun and close game. The red cards had less influence than normal, a couple of regiments went wayward but not to any great degree, Dave only lost two cards to the infamous 'they couldn't hit an elephant' card which my officer is luckily immune to and only one poor surveying card was played which did slow me down turning Daves flank but was lucky in the end as I found I needed my horsemen elsewhere anyway!

It was a blood bath both side suffered badly
USA losses 15 bases
CSA losses 20 bases

And regarding Epic Points the two large Rebel charges (both over 20 bases) helped negate the Yankee victory:

We're both looking forward to game 2!
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