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English Civil War Tourny Penrith Sydney THE EMPERORS LEGION

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:24 am
by evadestruction
English Civil War Tourny at Penrith Sydney with THE EMPERORS LEGION historical section.

First round of the comp is 7th July with the second round of the comp on Sunday the 11th of August.

You MAY play both rounds and only pay the $7.00 for each meeting BUT you will not be entitled for any prizes.

$30 for both round includes chance to win prizes donated by Ian at War and Peace Games our sponsor...

Each days play the Hall charges us $7 per person [this is every club day, it covers their insurance and therefore each attendee must pay this, not our rules, not sure if club gets anything out of this as thats not my role in club.]..

you are welcome to pay just this per day so making it cheap to play both rounds or just $7 for the first round and not play the second if your time is lmited....yes we dont mind if you only sign up for the first round..idea is to get new people see our little club.

Our Meetings are at the Police Youth Citizens Association PCYC in Penrith, there is plenty of parking at door, we are walking distance from the railway and just 5 or 10 minutes off the M4 freeway that goes into the mountings exit Penrith, ...not far from Penrith panthers or at the end of the Great Western Highway .

Shops are walking distance from hall and so is Tin Soldier. We have a few drinks for sale.

Rules are a free downloadable rules called Charge Pike [version 3] this version has been influenced by our play and some changes to this edition were suggested by our members. an English set of rules written by Wesley Rodgers, basically based on early WRG rules but streamlined and work much better.And adapted well to the period.

As you may have seen my wanted advert on here for old ECW figures ..I am buying old figs to have armies available for guys wanting to play but have no armies, I have taken it upon myself to build up my old Minifig armies and increase my modern armies for my use and others, our organiser can probably get one spare army and perhaps a second spare bitsa army

anyone with cheap ECW figures to get rid of please see my wanted advert

If you want to play but dont have an army..never fear club can supply loaners.

Re: English Civil War Tourny Penrith Sydney THE EMPERORS LEG

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:43 am
by evadestruction
Tourny is this Sunday..

read description in box above and keep reading in circles till I tell you to stop.

Re: English Civil War Tourny Penrith Sydney THE EMPERORS LEG

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:21 pm
by evadestruction
Wont mention any news on the games as they are mentioned elsewhere.

But what i will do is thank Ian and Tash from War and Peace for there continued support offering us great models as prizes and indeed also gift vouchers..

I was going to thank Ian in person yesterday at Wintercon but he wasnt there n[sure he was going??]..will ring him or email him soon.

Ian and Tash of WAR & PEACE..if you are reading thankyou for your support..

And note this year, the majority of Armies playing were Warlord obtained from War And Peace.

Tony had one, Micheal had one, I had mine which I lent to Graham, Lou had a lot of warlord in his army, and so did Rick..but other armies and figs are also used, just this year Warlord was well represented.