Emperor's Legion needs you

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Emperor's Legion needs you

Post by evadestruction » Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:43 am


Hi guys the Emperor's Legion needs you

Numbers dwindling due to the close proximity of Tin Soldier which offers a nice location and product.

We need support with the possibility of the club sizzling away.

We are down to a few regulars when a huge hall is being wasted for so many gamers to put on their games.

Next meeting will be held in the back room due to small numbers so walk/park around side for side door access. [airconditioned I believe]

My guess is if we get more numbers we will be in large hall instead????.

So if main hall door is closed check side door where there is a wheel chair ramp.

We do offer a swap meet too as a regular thing but I have been the only one indulging in such....so usually when i am there i have a table with goods for sale...anyone is welcome to bring stuff for sale at no cost, just pay the normal gaming fee. But as numbers are dwindling please keep in mind at this stage buyers are fewer.

As a club, Its hard to compete with a gaming shop close by offering so much inc;luding gaming space, but we offer more room available so I guess they can get booked out....

I am planing on being there barring any problems with renovations we are doing at home.

At this stage Zod is handling much of the action at the moment, so If I am not there he and a few others will be in the backroom at this stage. [well the room does have airconditioning...hee hee]

This is just a mention of how you can find us if the front door is closed.

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