French Indian Wars Participation game 20/3/2011

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French Indian Wars Participation game 20/3/2011

Post by Tyberius » Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:38 pm

Is it any wonder that our Savage allies want their land back, it stinks of English colonists.
The English are barbarians that do not understand culture, not like our fine savage allies.

I am proud to report that in a combined assault by our noble allied savages and the local French militia the watch tower and all the farmlands it was overlooking went down in flames.

The English battalion not realising what tactical expertise they were facing from the Indian's and French Militia, took their time stopping for morning tea and lunch, only to arrive as the last farm burnt down.

The French as always acted with civilised values, releasing any colonists or militia that surrendered to us.
Unfortunately the English foolishly charged our savage allies and we were too far to intervene.

I'm given to understand that when the English attempted to put out the fire on the watch tower, that not all the liquid was water.

Crude gestures didn't assist them, such behaviour is what we have come to expect from the great unwashed.

We give this land back to our savage allies as we enjoy the economic benefit of trade and do not require the land for colonists. What Frenchman would want to leave France? Leave England, well of course, leave France well never!
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Re: French Indian Wars Participation game 20/3/2011

Post by zod56 » Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:41 am

A few happy snaps from the game.
The British are coming!.jpg
English farmers and Militia in the enclosure...with a bar of chocolate in the background!.jpg

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