WWII Rapid Fire games for 2011

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WWII Rapid Fire games for 2011

Post by Tyberius » Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:36 pm

Sorry Guys, I have to withdraw this committment given the lack of turn out on Sunday the 15th of May and the kids additional sporting and music commitments.

Dear All,

Here is what I hope to be organising at Emperor’s Legion for 2011 for WWII Rapid fire.
Some of this depends on who plays what because it is based on what I know different people have. So the dates may ended up varying due to availability.

One thing is certain, there will be Rapid Fire WWII games on these dates, so if you can attend bring your miniatures and maybe we can have several WWII games running.

I’ve stayed clear of the second meeting dates each month as this allows everyone to play other games like the English Civil War games, ancients, 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, WarMachines/ Hordes etc

Please ignore the earlier email it was sent before I got to type this.

May Sunday 15th
9th January, 1945
http://www.worldoptions.com.au/fourpipe ... ingrf2.pdf

Penrith PCYC welcomes all table top games, miniature painters and model makers to attend and play games, paint or build models. Bring, buy and swap tables are welcome

100 station street Penrith NSW
10am to 4pm
Entry via doors facing the car park

We would welcome local forum members joining Emperor'e Legion and attending our meetings
bring your games, your friends and be open to new players showing interest, we provide the tables and good company.
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