Novembers Meetings

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Novembers Meetings

Postby zod56 » Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:39 pm

A bit late I know, but the historical group had two meeting this month. The first, a 28mm Skirmish game was set in the French & Indians wars.
Rouring Chicken holds off the white eyes..JPG

The objective of the game was that the Indians (Me, Michael and Louis) were to attack a warehouse and blockhouse, defended by a few , rather nervous militia led by Russ, his Lady and a newbie, Scott. In a moment of brillance Rouring Chicken decided to use fire arrows to set the warehouse and the block house on fire! However the game was a draw, despite the destruction of the warehouse the brave Indians chieftain was cut down by the white eyes.
He who Farts alot trys to save his chief.JPG

The second meeting was a 2 way ECW game with one game a 1,000 pts and the other a 500 pt game.
Lord Wilkinson Brigade.JPG

A good two games was had by all, with the Royalist, begrudgingly announced the winners!

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