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12th September meeting special

Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:35 pm
by Tyberius
12th September Kids dice off At Emperor’s Legion

Last month, we managed to give away to the kids a large number of Sassanid miniatures, some Roman archers and some Russ as well as trees, dice, some paint and animal miniatures.

On the 12th September the kids can dice off for over 60 15mm Frei Korp Early Germans as I will never get to paint them.

I have also been generously given from Cyrus (scroll down ) over 100 1/72nd scale plastic Gauls. From these I have based and undercoated 12 Slingers and 24 Archers and 4 light chariots. I have also under coated 12 of the war band figures on paddle pop sticks ready for painting. There are enough figures for 3 war bands (each 36 figures strong) and about another 8 light chariots). The war band figures would need to be based as medium infantry in FOG (3 figures to a base) I have a lot more from Cyrus to give away in following months as base them.

We also have from Matisse Derivan some Derivan MiNis to give away.

So I would like to encourage you to bring the family, your kids and their friends and give them a chance to win the beginnings of an army.

Games being run on the 12th September at Emperor’s Legion
• 40K
• WarMachines/ Hordes
• Warhammer Fantasy
• The Battle of Plataea using Junior General
• Rapid Fire - Operation Martlet
• Fields of Glory
And much more

Re: 12th September meeting special

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 6:10 pm
by zod56
And don't forget the historical guys Tyberies.

We'll be staging a historical re-fight, The Battle of Sedgemoor 1685 in 28mm. Hopefully, Pics and a battle report to follow.


Re: 12th September meeting special

Posted: Sun Sep 12, 2010 10:01 pm
by Tyberius
Kids dice off
The 1/72nd scale Gauls went to Alan and the Early Germans went to Jack
Derivan MiNi paints also went to Marcus, Beth, Alan, and Jack

Refighting the Battle of Plataea 479BC
Prior to the start of this game, the children were briefed as follows:
Mardonius wanting to lure the Greeks from the hills sent in his cavalry unsupportedwhich where subsequently beaten by the Greekand fled back to camp. The Greeks then responded by leaving the hills and moving to the plains near a spring.

Mardonius then sent his cavalry out to block food supplies traveling to the Greek army on the plains.
The Greeks exposed on the plains decided to withdraw however the Spartan General Pausnias appeared to use this withdraw to make the Persians over confident.

The Spartans didn't retreat back with the Allied Greeks and nor had the Athenians so at dawn on the next day, The Spartans were separated from the Greek Allies and were exposed and isolated on the Greek right flank (Persian left flank)

The Athenians were also separated from the Allied Greeks exposed on the Greek left flank. All the Allied Greek forces had retreated and were far closer to the hills than they were to the Spartans and Athenians.

Mardonius seeing the Greeks in disarray responses over confidently and does not use his archers to soften up the enemy first but rushes into melee. However among the Persians all was not well, the Persian Noble in charge of the Persian forces in the centre of the field does not believe that they should fight and is very slow to bring his forces into battle. The Persian Cavalry and Immortals charge the Spartans and The medizing Greeks lead by Thebes charge the Athenians. The Persian centre is now where to be seen.

Our game starts at this point.
The Allied Greeks noting that the Persian centre had not arrived to battle, split its forces into two, some going to aid the Spartans (played by Marcus) and some (Played by Patrick) going to assist the Athenians (Played by Jack). Mardonius the Perisan C-C (played by Alan) sent some Persian light cavalry to delay the Greeks marching to add the Perisans. This delayed the Greek allies by 3 turns.

The Persian Cavalry and Immortals pressed their attack and gave the Spartans (Played by Elan) a hard time, as noted in Herodotus: "The Histories", "the Persian lacked nothing in bravery." The Spartans eventually over came the Persian Cavalry and Immortals but less than a third of the Spartans survived. Marcus Greek allies having destroyed the Persian light cavalry arrived in time to praise the remaining Spartans.

On the Persian right flank the Thebians and other medizing Greeks (played by Beth) fought a bitter battle against the Athenian. The Athenians were all but wiped out before the Allied Greek forces (Patrick) arrived and overwhelmed the Thebans.

The Persian centre arrived to find both flanks had been destroyed and quickly withdrew from the battle.

Greece remained free.

Re: 12th September meeting special

Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:19 am
by Midshipman Easy
I was having my own problems elsewhere (see Charles Bean room, Operation Martlet) but I did get one photo of the Chariot Racing Game.