Emperor's Legion Meeting 22nd August.

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Emperor's Legion Meeting 22nd August.

Postby zod56 » Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:03 pm

The Legion Historical Group are presenting the "US V.S THEM" challenge again on Sunday 22nd of August. As the glorious victors of the first challenge the Legions finest will again face the barbarians from Wollongong lead by their fearless (and flea-less (:)), Lord ,I have a scratch, Duke of Wollongong. The game presented will be a 1500 pts a side, multiply player English Civil War game. The Dukes motley crew will represent that Tyrant King Charles the First, whilst the Legion's finest will be the forces of Parliament. Battle report and Pics will be logged in the "Charles Bean Room".

Hopefully the 15mm Nap lads, along with the WW2 Rapid Fire crew will be putting on their own games.

All are welcomed.


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