Club meeting sideline ...SWAP MEET

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Club meeting sideline ...SWAP MEET

Post by evadestruction » Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:06 am

Hi guys, I've been a member for well over a year [and previously attended on and off for a while] and enjoy this club very much, it has a great wargame club vibe, and lately I am trying to put in as much time as I can to play games here. therefore as a sideline to the historical meeting I have asked permission if an old style club swapmeet could be run, basically just gamers bringing their unused stuff and offerring it for sale or swap, more of a no cost swap meet than a bring and buy just part of the meeting, somewhere where you can come to play a game and maybe bring something to sell, swap or buy..Its really a way to create a bit of a wargame community.a bit like the marketplace of old…

Those who are as old as me may remember when all Wargame clubs had a healthy swapmeet side to their club,

Being one of the original members of Parramatta Wargames club same as Tiberius twice a month [this later went on to become Western Suburbs club ] and also attending the Linfield club twice a month in the 70's [and the Belmore area club], I remember fondly the bring and buy or swapmeet attitude in those days,a chance to try/buy new periods.And I was involved in that side too as a teen.

What we are doing here is just promoting a sideline to the normal club activities, simply come to the club to participate or view and feel free to set up a small stand,

there is no charge for this as it is going to be considered part of the wargaming community…ie. the marketplace.

Visitors will be expected to pay normal club attendance fees for the day of wargaming to pay for the outgoings of the club as normal practise. Which simply the game days cost of $6 for adults..not sure for kids,,..This will probably be a regular thing as in the early clubs., just bring anything you want to swap or sell..but with an idea of playing too. So swapmeet is free.

We are not sure how tables will go if this gets popular so feel free to bring a card table or two just in case..if you can? Also if you use club tables, if asked please assist in setting them up and putting them back when finished.

As it is I will be attending with my junk which goes back to probably mid 70's ..I am into collecting old figures for my collection, and getting rid of various stuff so first meeting will have something to look at..even if nothing else turns up.

If you are heavily involved in gaming but would like someone to look after your sales i may offer this service if I can, but the idea is to set up yourself rather than a bring and buy…as this is not a convention type of thing. This is really just gamers having a place to sell or swap.
Look upon this as a way to get more potential members or visitors along.

Basically this is just another attraction of this fine club, what I enjoy about this club is how it resembles the feel of the original Parramatta Club back in the 70's, that awakened me to wargaming..those fun days when we played with our model soldiers…in a big hall, and found a bargain or a rare item that we gloated over when we got home..

no guarentees every meeting will have any swappers as it really is an informal activity to the club, but I believe Tiberius has mentioned he may bring some gear next meeting..So go thru your junk and simply set up near your game..[do try to do it neatly though maybe sharing swap tables with other members near you.] and no guarantees you will sell anything either [today I didnt sell anything, but I bought some figures that i had the greatest time with at home fitting them into my bitza English Civil War]

and if you can work a swap...thats even more exiting.

cheers eva

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