Extra Meeting Next Sunday (27th) ALL WELCOME! plus some news

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Extra Meeting Next Sunday (27th) ALL WELCOME! plus some news

Postby Tyberius » Sun Jun 20, 2010 4:03 pm

Todays club meeting saw several games of 40K, Warhammer fantasy and WarMachine/ Hordes as well as a 20mm WWII Game which the Japanese were winning.

We also had a Bring, Buy, Swap stand and we encourage others to bring their stuff to swap, sell or just to generate interest. Todays stand had a lot of 15mm WWII, Micro armour (modern) and 20mm modern among other things.

Due to a lot of interest, there will be an extra meeting next Sunday and I understand the English Civil War Organiser will looking for as many new players as possible. Please join us, bring your own game or join one.

A game from the past.

Can anyone remember playing this game?


Purchased from a hobby shop in the 1979/1980 (no longer trading) called the Game Master in Mayfair Mall, Parramatta. It run by Joel Williams and then later his parents this game is a great stand by when your main game finishes early or you got to the club late. (Like me today)
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Re: Extra Meeting Next Sunday (27th) ALL WELCOME! plus some news

Postby Arnhem_chris » Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:13 pm


I still have a copy somewhere! ;), but in blue covers, dunno if its different, or just that mine was purchased in the UK, many, many moons ago, so just came with a different cover?


P.S. you built that e-boat yet?

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Re: Extra Meeting Next Sunday (27th) ALL WELCOME! plus some news

Postby fanai » Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:53 pm

I have a boxed version someplace

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Re: Extra Meeting Next Sunday (27th) ALL WELCOME! plus some news

Postby evadestruction » Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:37 am

A good day enjoyed by everyone today. About 10 to 12 players, with a few visitors.
Good for the first try of an extra day for historical. This is an extra club day and all fantasy players are welcome to come and play a historical game or bring their fantasy game too.

Nice scenery supplied by Robert, in a Rick run English Civil war game with 9 people playing, while Damian ran a Crossfire WW2 game as a "getting to know crossfire game", looked great with his very nice scenery and beautiful troops.

These were good fun games that looked great...feel free to bring your own games too. This may become a more often extra day, if possible.

Big thanks to Tin soldier who donated two packs of figures, one napoleonics and the other greek hopilites to be divided up among players as we saw fit..we decided that a wargaming dice roll off for the separate packs in order, with Ric winning the Hopilites, and I think Robert winning the Perry Napoleonics..congrats guys.

Overall a fun day, including the swap meet idea, as a kind of wargame community old time market place thing,

I brought stuff to sell/swap but nothing changed hands. Although I did buy roughly 40 minifigs english civil war figures, half were painted which will help with my minifigs army I am building out of bits and pieces sourced here and there...

So for me, exiting after the meeting at home lining them up and seeing what would fit where in my bitsa army...great stuff. Felt just like I was a wargaming kid again.

Ok, so only two of us brought stuff to sell, but the concept is there, so at any meeting feel free to bring your unwanted stuff to swap/sell/buy...simply set them up near you gaming table. simple.

and dont forget to join in or bring a game.

[who am I?...I'm involved in assisting in the swap meet side of it as such..more of a no cost swap meet than a bring and buy just part of the meeting, somewhere where you can come to play a game and maybe bring something to sell, swap or buy..Its really a way to create a bit of a wargame community.a bit like the marketplace of old…]

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Re: Extra Meeting Next Sunday (27th) ALL WELCOME! plus some news

Postby zod56 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:00 am

And a few shots of the ECW game. After a hard fight the Royalist conceded defeat and Ty learnt the old adage
The Kings Guard Foot look on..JPG
The Kings Guard Foot look on..JPG
, thou shall not charge horse into steady pike who have muskets:)

Great game was had by all, Hopefully we'll be having another ECW game in August.


Lord Rob awaits the Royalist onslaught.JPG
Prince Louis leads his Irish to glory!.JPG

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