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May meeting 2012

Posted: Wed May 09, 2012 8:24 pm
by Cardinal Biggles
is a WWII only memorial day dedicated to the memory of Ross Skimmer..I first met him, as I did a number of other WWII players during a visit to Wargamer Oz's great garage of delights back in the mid 1990s..I played many games of Rapid Fire WWII games with him at Oz's, at Annandale , and most recently at Goulburn.He aslo liked a bit of Wings of War and I remember him in one notable game trying to "bag the Roland"..His sudden death I have found both confronting and perplexing..I last spoke to him at Moab..I never imagined that a day dedicated to his memory was going to be in the least controversial..but then you can never judge how these things will play out,
Within the scope of these things this is the best I can do for him.