Opponents in Adelaide - 40k, modern and sci-fi.

A place to find an opponent in your area, both table top and geographical.
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Opponents in Adelaide - 40k, modern and sci-fi.

Postby panzerallan » Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:44 pm

Hey guys - 21, only really just getting back into gaming after a hiatus, and looking for opponents in Adelaide, especially the Southern suburbs (I am located at Flinders Uni). I'm keen for games of 40k, and especially Force on Force or Tomorrow's War, as I'm finding gamers that aren't in to GW only are scarce in my end of the city. If you haven't played before with the latter two I can provide both forces if you are keen to try it out, or I'm more than happy to learn any system you are using if it will get me some games. I'm also considering some 6mm either modern or WW2 if I can find an opponent. It'd be great to catch up with someone for some drinks, pretzels and a game so give me a shout either here or by email at mcra0014@flinders.edu.au.

Cheers, Allan.
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