Gamers in Melbournes South: WWII, Dark Ages, fantasy etc.

A place to find an opponent in your area, both table top and geographical.
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Gamers in Melbournes South: WWII, Dark Ages, fantasy etc.

Post by Ragnar » Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:00 am


I am looking for gamers in the vicinity of Mordialloc in Melbourne's south with a view to regular games.

Games played;
Warhammer Ancients
Disposable Heroes
Flames of War
Rapid Fire 2
Ambush Alley
Force on Force
Songs of Blades and Heroes
Fire and Fury
Warhammer ECW
WAB derivative for FIW

Available forces;
28mm Anglo-Saxons for Age of Arthur
28mm WWII German infantry platoon
20mm Fallschirmjager battalion for RF
20mm British infantry battalion for RF
20mm US army squad for AA
28mm Orcs for skirmish games

Forces in the pipeline
28mm WWII British infantry platoon
28mm Welsh for Age of Arthur
20mm British infantry company for FoW
28mm ECW Royalists
Skaven for WFB
28mm Wars of the Roses for WAB
Tau for skirmish games
Space Marines for skirmish games

I am hoping to get more games in since all my gaming buddies live on the other side of town. PM or reply and let's get gaming.
Early Saxons
WWII Germans, British
Fallschirmjager + Kiwis
Cold war Soviets
2014 projects: 28mm scifi, Conan, 15mm and 20mm WWII

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