October magazine madness

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October magazine madness

Post by paintpig » Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:50 pm

Well, as far as I was concerned the month of October proved to be one of magazine madness, madness of the good type....
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I subscribe to two bi-monthly war games periodicals and one which seems to insist on insulting my intelligence (I heard that...). Lets talk about the first two because they are the ones that have got me all excited, Wargames Soldiers and Strategy and Battlegames. WS&S has a bumper series of articles on the AWI any 18thC enthusiast would be mad to miss this 'un, Battles on land both big and small and the watery parts of the world (thank you Mr Merville) too. I have been subscribed to WS&S for two years now, since it reappeared in Clogland, and I have to say I'm rarely disappointed with a copy. As for Battlegames this was my first hard copy delivery, more AWI goodness plus articles from some familiar faces to blog land and both Imagineers and Old Schoolie enthusiasts, I even read the ancients article A great painting tutorial and some thought provoking ideas on Battlefield dynamics.
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"God, for wise reasons, has made our affairs in this world, almost as fickle and capricious as ourselves.—Pain and pleasure, like light and darkness, succeed each other; and he that knows how to accommodate himself to their periodical returns, and can wisely extract the good from the evil,—knows only how to live."

-Laurence Sterne
I also recently received my monthly periodical (pun/parallel intended), Wargames Illustrated's bumper 25th anniversary issue, this behemoth was at least twice the normal size, if not more, than the usual offering yet had just as much interesting and thought provoking material as a normal sized issue, not much!

Let me be upfront, I had decided 24 months ago to drop my subscription to WI but my natural laziness and hope eternal delayed my picking up the phone (that is a lot of money that could have gone into the miniatures or scenery fund *sigh*), if I'm the camel then the 25th anniversary issue was the straw. Yes of course I'm not overly chuffed that they don't cover my preferred interests all that often but blimey, reems and reems of FOW seem to get a more than fair run without fail (yes I know why) which means reems and reems of dead space as far as I'm concerned, I could go on about other rule sets getting their fair share of column inches too but why, I'm not there anymore.

Anyway all I have to do now is find a new home/owner for the last three years worth of WI mag's, I have just about every copy of WI bar 20 or so and they are all keepers bar these latter years .........and they used to complain about Master Siggins :roll:
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Well if the power goes out I'll have plenty of winter fuel :lol:

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Re: October magazine madness

Post by Admin Fella » Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:30 pm

Nice to see you around mate. :)

A novice like me does not generally mind WI. Yes too much FOW fluff, but i get the odd bit concerning other periods etc which is good. I have seen BattleGames and good to see it going still, i remember it started not all that long ago really.

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