Magazines ...the paper type

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Magazines ...the paper type

Post by paintpig » Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:22 am

I don't know what is going on exactly but my local News Agent has had a clear out. It was slightly unusual that the local had WarGames Illustrated and Miniature Wargames to start with but I wasn't complaining. However on my last visit I was slightly taken aback (more than slightly), over half of the magazine rack was missing and of course this included my usual fare, not that I purchase all that often but I do hand over some readies if something catches my interest. On enquiring I found it wasn't the News Agent that had denuded the hobby and craft section but the distributor cum wholesaler. I was slightly miffed by this news as I have to be quick to procure a copy of these magazines (assuming they had something of interest to me) because they disappear off the shelves pretty quickly, the helpful "paper folder" lackey could shed no more light on the subject and I'm left wondering. :roll:

It has to be said that I find WI less than interesting on the whole and a permanent separation was in the offing, and I have long been a MW part timer (although in the past their 18thC articles were useful and often), so now I'm left with little to do while waiting for my scripts to be filled! Has anyone else noticed the passing of these pamphlets from the local News Agent shelves?

It's not all bad, at least my Wargames Soldiers and Strategy subscription is proving to be a value for money investment. Praise the lord! :D

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Re: Magazines ...the paper type

Post by greatwhitezulu » Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:30 am

Haven't noticed that in the local newsagent as yet. But yes, they do sell out quickly. Never seen WI in the ocal, but I parted with them ages ago. Am a part timer on MW depending on subject matter.
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