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LTS 28mm WAS/SYW Army

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:28 pm
With reluctance I'm selling my 28mm WAS/SYW Piedmont-Sardinia (or Savoy) army. Composition of the army is as follows:

•8 x Regts of foot, each composed of 2 Bns with 14 figs/bn [(size=85]Regts are: Gardie - Guards Regt (obviously), Monferrato - National Regt, Piemonte - National Regt, Marina - National Regt, Lombardia - Italian Regt, Reidtmann - German Regt, Audibert - Swiss Regt and Schollembourg - German Regt)[/size])
•4 x Converged Grenadier Bn with 3 Bns @ 14 figs and 1 Bn @ 12 figs (grenadiers from 2 Regts above converged to form each Bn)
•1 Bn Vaudois skirmishing infantry @ 12 figs
•1 Regt of Horse 'Savoia' @ 12 mtd (HC)
•2 x Regt Dragoons 'Piemonte' and 'His Royal Highness's' both @ 12 mtd (HC)
•1 Regt Garde Du Corps in campaign dress (HC)
•11 Artillery pieces - mix of position and bn pieces
•33 artillery crew (17 position and 16 bn gun)
•8 mtd staff figures

That's a total of 323 foot, 56 mtd plus 11 guns in 21 Bns and 4 regts. Army is primarily composed of Garrison figures with some Front Rank for good measure. All figures are well painted and based.

Also included is information on the Piedmontese (organisation and uniform). This was a relatively large (there were 32+ Regts of Inf), well trained army and acquitted themselves well. Lots of versatility here as the troops could be used as Austrians or French. Indeed, during the WAS the Piedmontese first fought with the French and later switched sides to fight with the Austrians

I'm looking for $950 for the lot. The total weighs in at 7.5-8kg for postage purposes (I'm located in Australia) and I'll use Sendle for transport. I live in Wollongong NSW should you like to consider pick up.

Please don't hesitate to contact me via PM if you have any questions.



Re: LTS 28mm WAS/SYW Army

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:17 pm
by Andreas1805
can you send some picks to my email address
i live in southern sydney and can do a quick sale