Looking for 1st generation Minifig ancients

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A Schooner
A Schooner
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Looking for 1st generation Minifig ancients

Post by Tyberius » Sun Mar 20, 2016 8:40 pm

Hi All, I am repairing my old minifig armies

I am looking for:

3 Half armoured Cataphracts (code 15A2)
9 Companion Cavalry (code 15A45)
12 Thracian Peltast (code 15A93)
12 Mercenary Peltast (code 15A92)
9 Han Heavy Cavalry (code 15A137)

Also looking for any Sassanid mini fig 1st generation
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A Middy
A Middy
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Re: Looking for 1st generation Minifig ancients

Post by evadestruction » Tue May 24, 2016 8:52 pm

Hello young tyberius.

might be worth talking to Great White Zulu if he still frequents these boards.

Just found my Peter laings again and might do something with them and my minifigs strip steppes cavalry army you've seen. When i replied to the Peter laing thread it reminded me great white had a good bunch of mini figs.

maybe you even played against him in those early days. Give him a holler if you haven't found any.

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