LTS: More single Spures - A bit of everything!

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LTS: More single Spures - A bit of everything!

Post by Admin Fella » Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:13 pm

Hello All

More single sprues to get rid of, plus a repost of others still around:

Postage at cost, preference to bulk buys and PayPal as gift of bank deposit accepted.


3 x Natal Native Contingent Sprue WGZ-SPRUE-04 $5 each
4 x German Weapon Sprue WGB-SPRUE-02 $4 each
5 x Soviet weapons sprue WGB-SPRUE-09 $5 each
3 x Napoleonic War Hanoverians sprue WGN-SPRUE-07 $5 each
3 x Macedonian Phalangite Sprue WGH-SPRUE-13 $5 each
4 x Imperial Romans: Plastic Scorpion WGH-IR-07 $10 each
4 x Greek Hoplite Command Sprue WGH-SPRUE-11 $3 each
4 x US Weapon Sprue WGB-SPRUE-07 $4 each
3 x Imperial Roman Legionary Sprue WGH-SPRUE-04 $10 each
3 x Imperial Roman Legionary Command Sprue WGH-SPRUE-03 $8 each
4 x Greek Hoplite Infantry Sprue WGH-SPRUE-10 $7 each
3 x Celt Upgrade Sprue WGH-ARM-07 $4 each
5 x Caesar's Legions with pilum sprue WGH-SPRUE-15 $5 each

Bundle lots (I.E 3 x ACW inf sprues for $30):
3 x ACW Infantry Sprues + sheet $30
4 x Perry Nap Brit Hussar Sprues + Horses $35
1 x Perry Brit Nap Infantry Lot (metal command) $32
4 x WarLord Peninsula Brit Infantry Sprues (20 figs) $20
2 x ECW Cavalry Sprues including horses (8 Cav) $20
1 x ECW Royalist Inf lot + banners $30
7 x WarLord French Inf Sprues (28 figures) $30
3 x WarLord Hanoverian Sprues (12 figures) $10
3 x Natal Native Contingent Sprues $15
1 x Perry French Sprue $10

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