LTS: 28mm WWII + Various Rule Systems.

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LTS: 28mm WWII + Various Rule Systems.

Post by Admin Fella » Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:50 pm

Clearing out a few excess 28mm WWII and some rule systems.

Postage is at cost or pickup in Brisbane (Victoria Point) can be arranged.

Payment is by PayPal (Gift), Direct Deposit or COD.

All are new in blister


$11 each
Artizan Riflemen in Greatcoat 1
Artizan Riflemen in Greatcoat 2
Bolt Action British Army Bickers MMG ***sold***
Bolt Action BEF Vickers MMG ***sold***
Bolt Action Commando Characters ***sold***
Bolt Action Commando 3" Mortar + Team ***sold***
Bolt Action British Army 3" Mortar + Team ***sold***

$8 Bolt Action British Army FOG

$17 each
Bolt Action French Vehicle Decals
Bolt Action US Vehicle Decals
Bolt Action German Vehicle Decals

$13 Perry 8th Army Vickers MMG + Crew ***sold***

$44 Artizan British 25Pdr + Crew.

$33 Italian Autoblinda AB41
$39 German Marder III ***sold***
$37 each Minairons Henschel Type 33 Truck x 2

Rule Systems:

All are new new

Warhammer Historical Kampfgruppe Normandy $30
WarHammer Ancient Battles $25
Warhammer Hannibal and the Punic Wars $25
Warhammer ECW $25
Hail Caesar Core Rules $55
Hail Caesar Late Antiquity Army Book $40
Black Powder Rules $50

Impetus Core Rules $40 ***sold***
Impetus Extra Vol 1 $23 ***sold***
Impetus Extra Volume 2 $23 ***sold***
Impetus Extra Volume 3 $23 ***sold***


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