The Great Prussian 28mm SYW clear out..part 1

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Cardinal Biggles

The Great Prussian 28mm SYW clear out..part 1

Post by Cardinal Biggles » Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:07 pm

This replaces , well it voids , anything discussed before this moment..etc..All foundry and crusader..even I can have too much..mostly bought in for the defunct Mollwitz project..I have kept the Front Rank.. against popular opinion I think they are nice, smarter , than most other ranges..thats just me..
so to begin
All infantry have shouldered arms, which is laughingly referred to as "march attack"..
A splendid beginning at an approachable price for somebody keen to enter the Imagi-Nation world..

inf #1
10 foundry musketeer command $13

12 foundry musketeer command $15.50

20 Foundry/Crusader grenadiers $26

16 Infantry command $26

12 foundry musketeers $15.50

12 foundry musketeers $15.50

12 foundry musketeers $15.50

12 foundry musketeers $15.50

12 foundry musketeers $15.50

musk #1
49 crusader musketeers $64 SOLD

30 Crusader musketeer command
mix of officers NCOs drummers an colour bearers $39 SOLD

Musk #3 32 crusader musketeers $42 SOLD

Musk #4
22 Musketeer command (see above) $29 SOLD

Musk #5
24 Foundry musketeers $31

Gren #1
Grenadier 35 Crusader /Foundry incl command $45

Gren #2
Ii crusader grenadir inl officer and NCO $13.50

Fus #1
41Foundry/Crusader Fusiliers including some command $53 50

Fus #2
29 fusiliers foundry
including command

Fus #3
13 fuslier command ..$17
(more fusiliers, somehwere)

Foundry Heavy gun and crew $20ALL GONE

Foundry heavy Howitzer and crew $20ALL GONE

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