Were you a member of the old Parramatta wargames club?

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Were you a member of the old Parramatta wargames club?

Post by Tyberius » Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:46 pm

This was the club that met at the St Andrew's church hall corner of Phillip St and Marsden St Parramatta, near the police station.

This post is for those that were members while at Parramatta before it moved to Seven Hills in approximately 1984 and became the Western Suburbs Games Society.

This is to see how many of us are still gaming?
What are you gaming now?
What did you play at the old Parramatta Wargames club?
What happened to your old armies?
What suburb, state, country do you live in now?
Do you still see or have some contact with former club members from the Parramatta days?

My name is Ty
I still play the occassional WWII in 1/72nd and 1/76th scale using Rapid Fire

I still have my 15mm Macedonian army, Thracian, Spartan and Norman. The Spartan army was Scot's and the Norman armiy was Kevin's, both former club members.
I still have some of my AD&D figures and use to play Joel's D&D games.

There was a guy who had a shop in Liverpool at one stage, I cannot recall his name although he was a very good friend who got me playing Napoleonic naval and reading the Bolitho novels by "Alexander Kent"

Then you had Darren playing 15mm colonical wth Danny, although they never got me to buy an army at the time (I have bought one since)

Plus three was Russell with his WWII or WWI aerial games who many years later ran participation games like chariot racing, Lost Worlds, Kid Carson to name a few.

I live out Penrith NSW way and still see Russell from the club regularly.

Rick and Graham go to the Penrith Wargames Society and are both former Parramatta members.
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