Chain of Command at CANCON 2017

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Chain of Command at CANCON 2017

Post by oozeboss » Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:21 pm

The Players' Pack (and link to the registration pages) are now available at MOAB CoC .

And the TO, John Bond's rather gobsmackingly brilliant visual aperitifs can savoured on his blog at (His) Webpage - and do check out his ingenious terrain tips and the recent brilliant guide to painting Poms (he's obviously working his way up the ladder to doing some Germans) while you're there.

I'm also quite curious as to who is planning/ hoping to go, and taking what forces.

I'll definitely be there (barring another session of hitherto unnecessary major surgery) playing with Die Guten Deutschen (they're the ones without the Games Workshop like usage of skull motifs all over their togs), running them as either Panzergrenadiers or your common, garden variety, foot slogging Heer landsers.
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