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This time, it's personal

Post by oozeboss » Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:12 am

I was just starting to despair about the apparent lack of a Chain of Command tournament at CANCON 2017 on the Australia Day weekend next January when Bart Beswick once more put up his hand to run the show, and so now it's very much game on.

(Details can be accessed at: ... command-2/ )

So, with my 1940 Fallschirmjäger platoon getting painted at a cracking rate (well, for me) and their Home Guard opponents set to go as well, I contacted Bart to ensure their eligibility. Which they are not, as the event is late war by theme. So pondering time: do I play The Other Game with the FJ's? Do I play at all?

Then my 17 year old son & I started slowly but steadily sharing our way through the episodes of Band of Brothers, and he started to get seriously into it. The amazing series, and the very conflict itself. And we went to my club's annual massive multi-system event - MOAB - over this weekend, and he happily played the only WW2 demonstration game on offer (hint: not CoC), where he got to lay waste to elite British paras in Arnhem with some not-so-elite Heer thanks to some pretty switched on tactical decisions (especially for a first gamer!!!), the best looking uniforms (his one and only reason for preferring to play Germans) and utterly jammy dice rolling. Huge smile on his dial and a professed understanding of just why I play my games of toy soldiers emerged, and thus the hook has been set.

So back to my pondering. I recollected that I had a bucketload of Warlord Games sprues of American infantry stashed away, so there's one army all but already collected. Being a sucker for a storyline, it didn't take me long to find the name Köln crop up in my research. And - dig dig dig - the details of the American division which liberated that city on 5 March, 1945. And even more importantly, liberated the 40+ slave labour camps operating in the city & surrounds.

And one of the prisoners in one of the camps was a young Ukrainian kid, 12 days shy of his 12th birthday when those Americans rolled in, who had been working in a brewery as a slave since he and his family had been forcibly relocated from their home in south eastern Poland (and seen said home burnt to the ground) when he was 9. That Ukrainian kid emerged from hell with a very faint American accent, and basically became my father twelve years later.

So I will be now happily be playing in the Chain of Command event at CANCON 2017 with a platoon from Charlie Company, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment (aka "Spartans"), of the 3rd US Armored Division (aka, "Spearhead", or more colloquially, "The Third Herd"). And the ultimate story line!


Here's hoping that as many Australasian Chain of Command enthusiasts as possible can also join in what promises to be a brilliant weekend (playing on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January 2017).
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Re: This time, it's personal

Post by Admin Fella » Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:43 am

A good event indeed at a great Convention. :)


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