Aces of Aces airwargaming League 2014

To discuss all those Naval and Aviation matters from "Killer" Caldwell to the "Scrap Iron Flotilla".
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Aces of Aces airwargaming League 2014

Post by b20f08 » Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:31 am

Hi guys
Making a concerted effort to get this baby of mine happening after a false start earlier this year. Currently chasing up sponsors for major prizes. Positive feedback and one firm commitment so far. Details will be provided in a Player's Pack (due for release 25 august 13 ).

FREE for the 2014 season.
Registration period
Registration commencing in October and will continue right up to the mid-Jan.
Season duration
The regular season commences late Jan and runs through to mid-November.
The final series will then take over and run through to late November.
Contact details
Lawrence Tafa at b20f08@gmail to register interest. Format will be explained later but fully covered in the Player's Pack.
Several will be used, dependent on period and affordability. Range from 1/144 &1/200 (plastic) to 1/600 (metal) and 1/700 (plastic).
Rulesets used:
Either WoW (Wings of War), BTH (Bag The Hun) CY6! (Check Your 6!) and one other (TBD).
Eras: Choose an era. Must stick to that era, ie you can't jump from WW1 to WW3 or vice versa.
Start at lowest level and progressively move up until engaging in massive air battles. The three main levels are: Grand Tactical (big air battles), Command Tactical (squadron plus), and Battlefield Tactical (single up to squadron level).
Final Series Rewards
Prizes will be on offer for those who make it through to the final series, conducted around November 2014. These will range from models, gift vouchers, and trophies.

1. The idea is to start small, enabling purchase of a few models to begin with. Expand your airforce (collect several if so inclined; in fact, it's encouraged that you have several to provide variety and a change from the same-old same-old).
2. This League is open to both solo gamers, gamers who live in isolated areas, pairs, or groups of like-minded gamers who meet regularly. Open to both genders, transgenders, proto-genders, bender, and so on. Fact: Fletcher Pratt's naval wargames were often conducted with both male and females (some of whom did quite well if the stories are to be believed).
3. Playing for those in isolation or can't find a gamer close by is geared towards a PBEM system.
4. A list of retailers will be made available in the Player's Pack

Hope the gaming community will support this project. Thanks in advance :D

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Re: Aces of Aces airwargaming League 2014

Post by kendar » Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:08 pm

You have got me interested on 2 fronts - Air Combat and PBEM/small group gaming

No offence but it seems though that you are aiming high and at the same time spreading yourself all over the place.
eg You are naming 4 rules sets over a number of scales to game 3 periods (WW1, WW2, Cold War) from a Single/Tactical level up to Squadron/Strategic level. This is then compounded by the fact that you will have face to face gamers churing out more games than folks using PBEM.

To pull this off you are going to need a lot of people to sign up in the first instance to ensure that all your variables have enough players. Perhaps start smaller and build up from there - 1 era 1 set of rules?

I am sure that you have thought about these things -It may all become clearer when the player pack comes out but just some thoughts that came to mind while reading your post.

Or is it a case of getting all of the players to agree on a Era/Rule set and going from there?

Interested at this stage. :D

Best of luck


Re: Aces of Aces airwargaming League 2014

Post by b20f08 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 6:51 am

No offence taken, and all criticisms definitely welcomed.
Yes, I am aiming high. Did so to get everybody's attention at the other forum site I frequent. But it feels like that fable of the mother hen who found some grains of wheat and sought help to make bread: everyone's watching but not involving themselves. :)
But starting small, as you indicated, is definitely the way to go, and one I understood from the outset. But it depends on interested parties coming on board. And that's been the hardest thing at the moment. Should have checked with this site first up. The original player's pack was one period and one ruleset (WW2 and Bag The Hun); but had no takers. Lots of interest but no one wanted on board.
The PBEM idea was always the alternative to the face-to-face approach, and one that seems to be firming given the likely spread of interested players. Hence the aiming high. And spreading myself thin in order to get enough interested; can adapt the PP to suit the group.
Should there be an equal mix of FTF and PBEM gamers then the PP can accommodate both parties.

In answer to your second question, yes. But this pertains more to those who face-to-face. I don't believe it can work if PBEM.

And thanks for the interest. Hope to garner more from this forum site. :D

FTF- face-to-face
PBEM - play by email
PP - Player's Pack
AOAL - Aces of Aces League

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