Naval painting and camouflage guide book

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Naval painting and camouflage guide book

Post by Mal wright » Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:58 pm

My long promised book on paint schemes of British and Commonwealth warships of WW2 will be published in the UK in February 2014. There are over 700 drawings covering everything from destroyers through to auxiliaries. It will be in colour and is arranged class by class, type by type. The reader wanting to paint up some model ships will be able to go to the particular class of ship and find a variety of choices for paint schemes from 1939-1945. Along the way I have also included what radar set the ship has in the drawing, if any, and what the armament is. Some ships appear more than once showing changes of scheme and any alterations of armament and electronics is noted. it even includes a couple of ships that were captured and put into enemy service, showing how they looked and were armed. In addition the book shows several that were transferred to allied navies, how they looked in service with them etc.

The first book is a hardcover and will sell at around thirty UK pounds. The format is an easy to find what you want in one book, instead of having to consult lots of reference sources. Its taken me many decades to get ready for this and do all the artwork. Kind of a project of a lifetime.

The second book is now under way and will cover all British and Commonwealth battleships, carriers and cruisers. Later books will cover other navies.
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Re: Naval painting and camouflage guide book

Post by paintpig » Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:27 pm

Sounds good mal, should keep you busy and out of the brothels :wink:

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