Cancon 2013 (26-28/1/13) WW2 Wings of Glory Competition

To discuss all those Naval and Aviation matters from "Killer" Caldwell to the "Scrap Iron Flotilla".
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Cancon 2013 (26-28/1/13) WW2 Wings of Glory Competition

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Cancon 2013 WGS Comp Entry online

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WW2 Wings of Glory: Air War over the Top End 1943

70 years ago from March to September 1943 three squadrons of RAAF and RAF Spitfire pilots forming 1 Fighter Wing RAAF defended northern Australia against a sustained air offensive by some of the most experienced units of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army Air Forces. Flying the iconic Spitfire VC and led by Australia’s highest scoring fighter ace Wing Commander Clive ‘ Killer ‘ Caldwell DFC, these Australian and British pilots and their Japanese adversaries fought, killed and died in clear blue skies over Darwin, Melville Island and the Timor Sea.

You are invited to sign up to this team competition event where participants will re-fight the major engagements of this campaign using Ares Games’ WW2 Wings of Glory (WGS) miniatures air combat game by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia. Playing nine rounds of aerial combat over three days, you and your friends can take to the skies as RAAF and RAF Spitfire pilots or Japanese aircrew flying Mitsubishi Zeros and ‘ Betty ‘ bombers. Teams will consist of up to four players a side with pilots earning ace skills as they shoot down enemy aircraft and conduct successful bombing missions.

In addition to Cancon trophies, prize support has also been provided by Paul Quinn, proprietor of QLD gaming supplies business ‘Fastbreak Sports Figures and Miniatures’ (

Aircraft miniatures and all necessary accessories for play will be available. To find out more contact the organiser at

This is a three day event with the first being 'familiarisation' scenarios then the competition over the second and third days:

Day One (Saturday 26/1/13)
Session 1 – 0930-1130: WGS ‘training’ scenario 1 – Malaya 1941
Session 2 – 1230-1430: WGS ‘training’ scenario 2 – Port Moresby 1942
Session 3 – 1500-1700: WGS ‘training’ scenario 3 – Milne Bay 1942

Day Two (Sunday 27/1/13)
Session 4 – 0930-1130: WGS Competition Scenario 1 – Darwin Raid No.53, 15/3/43
Session 5 – 1230-1430: WGS Competition Scenario 2 – Darwin Raid No.54, 2/5/43
Session 6 – 1500-1700: WGS Competition Scenario 3 – Millingimbi Raid No.2, 10/5/43
1700-1730 – Tally scores, competition awards.

Day Three (Monday 28/1/13)
Session 7 – 0930-1130: WGS Competition Scenario 4 – Darwin Raid No.56, 28/6/43
Session 8 – 1230-1430: WGS Competition Scenario 5 – Darwin Raid No.57, 30/6/43
Session 9 – 1500-1700: WGS Competition Scenario 6 – Darwin Raid No.58, 6/7/43
1700-1730 – Tally scores, competition awards.

I can provided the necessary 1/200 scale Wings of War/Glory aircraft miniatures and game materials for the event, many of which are custom examples not available as standard Wings of Glory miniatures (some examples pictured below).

Players are also welcome to bring their own aircraft.

For further information contact event organiser Carl Rohweder email -
Hudson 1.jpg
RAAF Lockheed Hudson Mk.I (IV)
Hudson 1.jpg (124.7 KiB) Viewed 3596 times
Oscars 1.jpg
JAAF Nakajima Ki-43-II Oscars
Oscars 1.jpg (139.86 KiB) Viewed 3596 times
Lily 1.jpg
JAAF Kawasaki Ki-48-IIb Lilys
Lily 1.jpg (174.92 KiB) Viewed 3596 times

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