Algernon Pulls It Off - what I am doing

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Algernon Pulls It Off - what I am doing

Postby Dropbear » Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:34 am

After learning the WW1 Dogfight rules "Algernon Pulls It Off" last week, my mate and I began a campaign last night.

At this stage we are still deciding which model planes we want to use: the WoW are out as they are too costly. Skytrex 1/144 is very tempting, but it will take a while to get the number and variety of planes we will need.

The Irregular 1/300 are cheap, but they look cheap and they don't have a large variety of planes that we might need.

So, what I have done to enable us to play the game while we decided on which minis to use is to make some cardboard counters (hexes with planes on them) that I printed out. This allows us to have any number of planes fairly quickly.

Also, as my hex mat was a bit too small to allow wide sweeping dogfights, I made move templates (hexes joined together that represent the moves that are allowed) that were printed on to card and cut out. This proved to be better than dared hoped: it allowed us to use a whole large table and increased the speed at which the game was played.

Having now played a game with counters and templates, I will be looking at other plane games using the templates at the very least (I have WW2 planes already, so don't need to make counters for them).

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