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Post by tas 1812 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:52 pm

Hi all,

Had our first SAGA version 2 battle last night, lots of fun and ruminating over the new battle boards but generally very good! Many things are much more streamlined and most ambiguities cleared up (with the exception of the odd battleboard ability - the one we encountered was who takes the fatigue from a we obey if the enemy angry danes play intimidation on you - the warlord or obeying unit? we figured out it was the unit :P)

We missed lots of things but javelins are much more useful, the step-wise allocation of saga abilities/fatigue use in melee/shooting are now absolutely crucial and need due consideration as to when you play them amongst people passing, and the movement once you get a handle on it is actually quite good (and ideal for movement trays!)

The Saga dice generation is nice with levy generating a dice if 6 or more models (warriors if only 4 or more) HG as usual and the Warlord only 1. The warlord has lost a dice but isn;t a problem as you roll your unit based number of dice every turn even if you had some still on the board. This gives shot up warbands half a chance later in the battle. (e.g. your typical 4 pt warband generated 5 dice a turn, and if you had 2 dice on the board from the previous turn you can still roll 5 without having to take those 2 dice off off the board.)

We ran the new clash of warlords out of the back of the book and the deployment options are rather interesting, especially as well rolled "Method C" which results in some staggered deployments with a quasi reserve when trying to fit them all in :)

Normans are much more flexible too with some reactive abilities and nice combos (The Bretons have been absorbed into the list making for some interesting warband combinations now). Anglo-Danes just as annoying :) but the old killer of Intimidation can be soaked up better only cancelling the first activation (or two activations if they roll a six).

Love to hear everyone's thoughts and/or experiences!



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Re: SAGA 2!

Post by Cyrus » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:29 pm

I haven't played Saga for years but I'm not too happy that all the previous supplements and battle boards, except for Arthur and Aetius, are now obsolete.

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