SAGA at CanCon 2013

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SAGA at CanCon 2013

Post by craigjwoodfield » Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:55 pm

SAGA at CanCon 2013
Single day Tournament, Monday 28 January
Three 6 point games will be played.
Permitted lists
All factions, Heroes of the Viking Ages and Swords from Hire from the SAGA rulebook, Northern Fury and Ravens Shadow supplements, plus Skraelings, Arabs (WI #300) and Byzantines (WI#301) are permitted.
You must hand in a list on the day detailing your warband, including details of unit equipment, though you can change unit sizes from game to game if you wish. You may also choose to include an extra points worth of models ( a total of 7 points) and then leave one point off the table during each deployment. Also, if you play with a Hero of the Viking Age, you must also include one additional point of reinforcements in the event that your Hero is killed (see below). In this case, your army list will have a total of 8 points of models on it, though you will only ever play with 6.
Special Rule: Heroes of the Viking Age.
If your warband is led by a Hero of the Viking Age and that model is killed, then it is no longer available and you must revert to using the standard Warlord for your Faction. You will have included one point of reinforcements on your army list, which will now become available to be used. Note that if Harold Godwinson’s brothers are killed but not Harold, he is still usable next game and his brother are replaced.
The first game will be a modified Clash of Warlords. The game will not end when a Warlord is killed, and the result will be decided on Victory Points.
The second game will be Battle at the Ford.
The final game will be Sacred Ground.
Pagans and Christians
All participants in the tournament will be designated as either Pagans or Christians depending on their faction, place of origin, facial hair and any other superficial factors that come to mind. The success rate for each of these super Factions in Game 1 will determine (amongst other things) who is Attacker and who is Defender in Game 2. More will be revealed on the day.
There will hopefully be prizes for best Christian player, best Pagan player and best army, plus whatever else we can think of.


Re: SAGA at CanCon 2013

Post by Bluewillow2 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:21 am

If you need some terrain mate let me know!



Re: SAGA at CanCon 2013

Post by craigjwoodfield » Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:50 pm

Thanks, should be good unless we get more than a dozen players...



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