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Post by Ben » Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:36 am

Hey just wondering how many AOC players are out there. Me and a mate have just started and I've got my HYW French ready to be based while my mate has his 80 long bowmen based and painted (yikes).

we're waiting on bases for our cavalry (well my cavalry) and hten we're going to be looking to play some games.

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Post by Bluewillow » Tue Oct 23, 2007 9:38 pm

yep have a WOTR army currently being built a selection of front rank and corpus figs



rest are in my galleries ... +the+roses

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Post by Ben » Wed Oct 24, 2007 12:28 am

Hmm ... me and pete are using Italieri 20mm. Nothing like getting 3000+ points of models for a hundred bucks. Cheapest army I'm yet to buy.

They are technically out of scale but we're basing hte infantry the same. We couldn't be bothered ordering in cavalry bases. Essentially we're basing our infantry two to a base (two ofthe same size bases as your infantry) our cavalry we're basing on the same kind of bases but along hte short edge.

Movement trays can easily fix any scale discrepancies I guess.

I've just based my 32 Knights and Have started paiting my 1st unit of 12 knights (well 10 knights - incl. musician, 1 hero with standard and 1 general).

I DO have a problem (little things but it shits me).

I have 18 light horsemen with crossbows. These work in the Ordinance lists for France or Burgandy as Swiss mercs or Italian cav. BUT NOT IN THE HYW french.

I can use them as Mounted Sergeants which have bows while mounted- but it does annoy me.

My cavalry have plate barding, not full plate but its not cloth like the HYW french list should be.

SO MY CAVALRY belongs in the Gendarmes and Coustilliers of the Ordinance lists.

MY INFANTRY on the other hand are a mostly Men-At-Arms, brigands and so forth with a few knights. If I wanted to use an Ordinance list 1/2 my infantry WOULD NOT BE APPLICABLE. As I'd need Pikemen...

So I'm stuck between the lists. Pete doesn't mind about the cav and so on and the crossbows on the horsemen but its a detail that shits me- like I said.

I'm going to tinnies tomorrow and going to see if they have some pike infantry I think I'll try and tailor the army to fit for Burgandy Ordinance if I can.

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