New VSF Aeronautical Contraption – The Daley Brothers Attack Balloon!

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New VSF Aeronautical Contraption – The Daley Brothers Attack Balloon!

Post by Captain Darling » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:00 am

Hi All!

Been out of the VSF loop for a bit but getting back into the groove... introducing the Daley Brothers Steam Powered Armoured Attack Balloon Mk II...

This scratch build was long in the making, I started it early this year but our overseas trip interrupted construction and I just got to it again!

Parts list
Foam ball from a fabric shop
Styrene sheet
Plastic tubing
Metal washers for port holes
Pins for rivets
Balloon super heater is a couple of LEGO bits
Smoke stack is part of an electric toothbrush head
Some wire
The Elephant Gun barrels, propellers, and bottom hatch are all old 1/35 left over model kit parts

Here's Captain Darling taking one for a spin and lining up to attack a German in a Fokker Dragon Fly...

The gondola/balloon...

More pictures and lots of blurb stuff on my Blog!
https://captaindarlingsminiaturesempori ... daley.html

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