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How big is that doggie in the window?

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:52 am
by oozeboss
I am contemplating expanding my currently almost completed late war German panzer grenadier platoon (and its soon to be built American armored counterpart) into the wild and woolly world of Konflikt '47, and as with both of these units, I am looking at incorporating figures from multiple manufacturers onto a base of Warlord Games' products.

So, how do the following match up in terms of size to Warlord's excellent Schreckwulfen (a couple of which are definitely also going to be converted up into Blood Bowl players)?

* Bolt Action "Wulfen SS";
* Westwind Productions "Jager Werewolves" and "Jagerhund".

And while we're off in that weird war landscape, how do the following match up in terms of size with Warlord's Totenkorps?

* What The?! Miniatures " Panzergrenadier Zombies";
* Copplestone Castings "The Society of Thule - Tod-truppen zombies";
* East Riding Miniatures "Nazi Zombies";
* Westwind Productions "German Zombies";
* Brigade Games "Evil German Zombies".

Many thanks.