Game Teaser - “The Mysterious Affair on and about the Dniester!”…

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Game Teaser - “The Mysterious Affair on and about the Dniester!”…

Postby Captain Darling » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:09 pm

After reading several PULP Adventure games I thought to myself they sound cool and more importantly FUN! I decided it was time to get out the veritable FUBAR VSF rules and have a FUBAR VSF PULP game...but first I require a scenario!

The full scenario details with fluff are here:

But here's a teaser...Faction Evil - Doktor Von Hades forces!

From left to right: Force Leader: Fred Oddsocks, Evil Henchmen: Mad Eye O'Leary & Slasher Thompson, Average Joes (AKA red shirts) Mahatsontoo & Mewarinmehattoo


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