Longstreet AAR - The Battle of Pebble Mountain

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Longstreet AAR - The Battle of Pebble Mountain

Post by Captain Darling » Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:46 pm

We've played Game 3 of our four player Longstreet Campaign.

The CSA won the scouting roll and elected to attack and the two scenarios combined together for our Battle of Pebble Mountain were the Crossroads and the Clear the Tree Line ones.

The battle ran like this...

Confederate Colonels Clampett and Leghorn massed their guns on a central hill know as Pebble Mountain by the local populace and pushed forward all their cavalry and infantry in two massed attacks, on the Crossroads area a field was the funnel for the attack and on the tree line area a wood covered their advance.

During the initial turns the Yankees dug in for all their worth as the Rebels coordinated their Units.

Clampett’s men secured the unguarded objective on the crossroads but the Yankee commander, Colonel Zook preempted a perceived Rebel Yell charge with their own charge after deadly fire using the Charge Bayonets card. This gave the Confederates a bloody nose but around the fields they continued to push on with three consecutive charges slowly grinding forward and inflicting losses. On the Rebel far left the boys in blue roughly handled Colm's Tennessee Battalion.

Leghorns cavalry charged the Yankee guns with the Colonel himself at their head and they defeated two Union batteries before retiring to allow the Infantry to advance. The Rebel Yell went up and the Southerners slowly pushed Colonel Firefly’s Union units back with successive charges.

On the Crossroads battlefield with the Confederates of Clampett spent the Yankees went over to the attack but the Rebels hung on while on the Treeline battlefield the Southerners drove the Yankees back to the edge of the battlefield dropping just short of capturing their objective!

At this point the during turn 10 the Federal Armies morale broke as their losses plus the Confederate Victory die roll exceeded their Shatter Point. The Rebels carried the day.

Colonel Clampett personally directing the Confederate batteries during the Battle of Pebble Mountain...

Massed Confederate Regiments advance into the crops...

The TSOG Blog includes more pictures and blurb...
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