Another AAR - ACW Skirmish - Sixty-One Sixty-Five Rules

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Another AAR - ACW Skirmish - Sixty-One Sixty-Five Rules

Post by Captain Darling » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:02 pm

Well Dave and I liked the Sixty-One Sixty-Five Rules so we played them again this fortnight and Al joined in! We replayed Scenario 1 from the rule book with the rules clarifications from our first play at hand from the Ganesha team!

The game featured a skirmish between the 7th New York Infantry Regiment and the Confederates 7th Virginia infantry early June 1861.

Al and I took on the Yankees, he commanded the Syracuse Zouaves and I was in charge of the regular volunteers. Dave took on the boys from the South for a second time.

This game both sides used their skirmisher more aggressively to harass the enemy while shielding their own troops. The Yankees skirmishers reached the crucial fence line first but it was the Rebels who got their formed troops there first securing it. Things were looking good for the Southerners at this point and they were able to fire on the exposed Yankees but in the enthusiasm of success they over extended themselves attacking across the fence. At this point they lost some of their skirmisher pairs exposing the troops who crossed the fence while on their other flank a unit of Yankees flanked their line marching through the woods. At this point the Rebels enduring casualties from fire and close combat exceeded past their breaking point (one third losses) and the game ended in a Yankee victory..Huzzah!

The Syracuse Zouves, E Company of the 7th New York Infantry Regiment tackle Confederates of the 7th Virginia infantry...

The struggle for the fence line from the Southerners point of view, they have secured its length and on the right are across the fence menacing the Yankee left!

The decisive moment a Squad of Yankees flanked the Rebels along the fence line and emerged from the woods and poured devastating fire into them...

The full AAR with picture and comments is on the TSOG Blog here...
https://toysoldiersforoldgits.blogspot. ... -five.html

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