AAR 1879 Russian Invasion of Australia - Game #4

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AAR 1879 Russian Invasion of Australia - Game #4

Post by Captain Darling » Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:27 pm

Well after a year I have finally got off my butt to write up this AAR pitting Russians against Australians. This is set during a hypothetical Russian Invasion of Australia in 1879...I know sounds stupid but the Russian Invasion fear sprang up several times during the 19th Century.

This game pits an understrength unit of Siberians with a few Cossacks in support against South Australian's of the Adelaide Rifle Company.

The Colonials were defending a palisade on a crucial roadway...

The melee for the redoubt...read palisade...was pretty hot!

The winner was the Colonials! "Yeah bugger orf you hairy Cossacks!"

The full AAR is here:
http://captaindarlingsminiaturesemporiu ... t-aar.html

Ant the Scenario Information and Set Up details are below:
http://captaindarlingsminiaturesemporiu ... doubt.html
http://captaindarlingsminiaturesemporiu ... ecial.html

The first three scenarios of this campaign are on my blog as well as the 'historical' background behind the whole invasion...I have scenario 5 ready to roll and with the Russian down 3 to 1 in a best of seven series they had better 'pull their finger out'

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