Government building "Adrians walls"

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Government building "Adrians walls"

Postby nevermore » Fri Jul 08, 2016 7:54 pm

Government building "Adrians walls"

New Government building 28mm in size available from I have put a number of pictures of this beautiful building in the workbench, it truly is a work of art and would fit in a number of historical periods around the globe.

The building is in 3 parts and has plenty of scope for putting up a sound defence, a number of figures can fire from the rooftop, you could easy put a artillery gun there with plenty of sandbags, i have put 28mm Indian Mutiny figures in the pictures to show you the scale, it comes pre-painted and released 1st August.

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The Victorian Outpost is a new building created at the beginning of 2016, we can cater for almost any period and we now have the support of "Adrians Walls" and "Hovels Buildings" who have come on board.

Victorian Outpost has quickly become the number one wargaming place in Grimsby with its friendly welcome and fun place to visit, please pm myself to arrange a set time and date.

More photos on the website at
Thanks Malc

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