1857 - Village water suppies pt 2.

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1857 - Village water suppies pt 2.

Postby nevermore » Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:03 pm

1857 - Village water suppies pt 2.

Indian Mutiny 28mm game, A small British and Indian Army face each other on the battle, the Mutineers form before the village and it's suppy of water, the British knowing they have no choice but to attack and secure the village and its importance for the army.

Game was 10 moves, with the British artillery opening with the first blood drawn.

Artillery became a massive problem for the British, some really good dice rolling from the Indian fire caused gaps in the ranks.

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British artillery was put in a good position on the hill but long distance shooting did not weaken the enemy.


Infantry companies moved forward towards the village, a couple of british companies had the long distance Enfield rifle which shot away with no reply from the Enemy Sepoy.

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Enemy cavalry rushed forward on the British left flank to give them something to think about, all the dice rolling was going for the Mutineers.

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View of the battlefield, for the British it became a hard slog


The British line had no choice but to push hard to take the village, toe to toe fire and the flanks exposed this looks like a bad day for the Brits.


The British right flank now became the rear attack as the Artillery had to also push forward towards the village in support of the British line.

image post

British collapsed in the heat and try to escape the battlefield, bad day at the office.

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