Longstreet Rules For Little Wars Adelaide 2015

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Longstreet Rules For Little Wars Adelaide 2015

Post by Captain Darling » Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:57 am

Hi All,

This year I pulled my finger out and committed myself to 'host' a game table using Longstreet rules at Little Wars Adelaide (Saturday 11/7//15).

Not sure yet whether I'll go with the Battle of Olustee scenario I put together (it really needs four players continuously and I'll be lucky to run through it once in the day if teaching people rules) or play or smaller skirmish game (easy for teaching rules and can easily do 4 games in a day). So if you're going to be there on the day drop me a line if your interested in a bit of Longstreet action!

I started a campaign with Stu during the week so I could get back into the rules (havent played since Christmas) and despite a few rules blunders with formation changes the two games we played ran well. We, as you do found a couple of loopholes and some weirdness in the rules but we played 100% by the book :D .

I only took a couple of pictures on the day and the only one worth putting up shows the moment the Colonel of my Zouave regiment clearly lost his mind or misread his orders or decided there is glory in death when he advanced his men from there safe entrenchments into the teeth of two advancing Rebel regiments with (unseen in the picture) two batteries of guns on their flank!


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