AAR - Hills Are For Heroes

For all ACW, Colonial, Wild West and everything else post Napoleon up to WWI.
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AAR - Hills Are For Heroes

Post by Captain Darling » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:32 pm

The latest AAR is up on my Blog covering the fifth scenario of my 'The Russians are Coming' Skirmish Campaign. A hypothetical invasion of Australia in the late 19th Century by Imperial Russia (don't laugh this threat was considered quite real at the time)!

To set the scene...

Adelaide, South Australia. Wednesday August 27, 1879

'Captain Putin flipped open the cover of his pocket watch and grimaced, the strain on his face showed as he watched the seconds tick by and noon approach. It was hot, his orders were vague and no attempt had been made to reconnoiter the area surrounding his objective. He was about to step into the unknown! He blew his whistle at exactly noon and his detachment rose as one with him and in open order they moved out toward 'Hill15'...'

It was a close tussle that resulted in a Russian Victory, that puts the running score at Colonials 3 and Ruskies on 2 with 2 scenarios left to play!

The Russians, led by Staff Officer Captain Putin are surprised as they see Colonials loom into view on the 'unoccupied' hill...

South Australian Volunteer Riflemen pouring it into the advancing Ruskies!

Siberian infantry taking on the Colonials in a bit of close up biffo!

Lots of blurb and pictures are here...
https://captaindarlingsminiaturesempori ... s-aar.html

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