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Musket Action! AWI

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:46 am
by tas 1812
Hi all,

some shots from last night's game - Musket Action! Well that is the Bolt Action rules adapted to suit the age of black powder. The blokes at the local club wanted something quicker to play than M&T/SP and smaller than Full blown BP so Musket Action was born! It makes for a cracker of a game with only a couple of period tweaks otherwise it's mainly straight up BA but with muskets! The main changes are a basic 4+ to hit instead of 3+ with all the usual modifiers (well we are using unrifled muskets here) 1 shot/melee attack for every two models (+1 attack for tomahawks!), if you go down/fail an order instead of hitting the dirt you can't move but can fire with an additional -1 on top of the penalty for any pins you've already acquired (I can't see them from all the smoke, fire blindly anyway :) ) and skirmishers count as vets for shooting target purposes.

Both forces were picked to 1000pts, usual 7/10/13pts for inexp/reg/vets, 50pts for a gun and 20/40pts for your junior/senior cmdr. Most troops are regular (except the British Grenadiers and my sneaky vet indians and american rifles) We rolled up a usual BA mission and got demolition, with nothing obvious to blow up (i.e. a bridge on the table) we rolled again and played sectors with the buildings and large hill becoming the objectives.

Deployment - Continentals on the near edge
ImageIMG_5459 by tas 1812, on Flickr

The british advance and take the church
ImageIMG_5462 by tas 1812, on Flickr

The firefight heats up around the church
ImageIMG_5464 by tas 1812, on Flickr

The Continentals allied vet indians sneak up on the unsuspecting British light troops and then proceed to wipe them out with their Tomahawks on the charge
ImageIMG_5465 by tas 1812, on Flickr

The musket fire exchange rattles up and down the line while the US commander rides left and right boosting morale (and crucially adding +2 to those order rolls)
ImageIMG_5466 by tas 1812, on Flickr

As the French regulars turn to face the vet British Grenadiers the indians and french lights move in to clear the American left of the remaining British indians
ImageIMG_5467 by tas 1812, on Flickr

Re: Musket Action! AWI

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:57 am
by tas 1812
The high point - Turn 4

The Continentals pour fire and cannon shot into the church as the marksmen hold back the skirmishing bow armed-indians on the British left. Thankfully for the Americans the bow fire is proving rather ineffectual...
ImageIMG_5468 by tas 1812, on Flickr

Turn 5 - The firefight continues - those British Grenadiers are proving rather stubborn (damn vets!)
ImageIMG_5469 by tas 1812, on Flickr

ImageIMG_5470 by tas 1812, on Flickr

ImageIMG_5471 by tas 1812, on Flickr

Will their be a 7th turn? The British have been held but still hold the church (there's still a unit of British regulars inside it...) We'll have to storm it to take it...
ImageIMG_5473 by tas 1812, on Flickr

Turn 7 it is! The attempt to take the church was unsuccessful but the French Chasseurs take the third objective in the British deployment area for the win! A cracking game 3-2 to the Continentals and on to Boston!
ImageIMG_5475 by tas 1812, on Flickr

Re: Musket Action! AWI

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:17 am
by Cyrus
Lovely looking game Tas! Dan Mersey and Michael Leck are releasing another Osprey set next year, Rebels and Traitors, which covers the FIW, AWI through to ACW.

Re: Musket Action! AWI

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:40 am
by Captain Darling
Good AAR Tas!
Nice figures, I see two unpainted Perry farm houses there, I have one myself it's a pretty versatile building.
Bolt Action for AWI I've near heard ofthat before. I'm planning on trying Maurice for some AWI action latter this year...
Cheers (from Italy :D )